Saturday, January 1, 2011

Tour in Battambang Province

Battambang Province is the the developing Province. Battambang Province is the bigger Province. There are maybe 2.000.000 peoples lived there. There are have a lot of Market in Battambang. There are Phsar Nat Market. New Market. Phsar BoengChouk Market. Is the most busiest in Battambang.  and in Battambang have a lot of resort at there. There are: Kamping  Pouy Resort, Sampov Mountain, Crocodile Mountain, Turtle Mountain, Banon Mountain, Chrolong Bopata resort, Chros Pich Chenda resort, Sek Sork resort, Eng Phnom Pagoda, and a lot of other resort that i didn't describe, because Battambang so big, so i can't describe all of resort at there. 
In Battambang have a lot of high building specially have a lot of Hotel at there, There are Sangker Hotel, Kemara1 Hotel, Golden Palace Hotel, TEO Hotel, and other Hotel. Any Hotel in Battambang have a good environment and very comfortable, In any room have modern supply that is the customer's demand. and in the Hotel have a lot of service or reserve the customer. have swimming pool. and the service that they have to reserve the customer are: take the customer visit around the Province. have a short trip. and other service that i don't know. Every year have a lot of people have tourism in Battambang. There are national tourism and international tourism. That have to stay in the Hotel. and any Hotel have guide to translate for the customer too. Battambang Province is the interesting city too.
               Now i want to show you about the kind of resort in Battambang. Kamping Pouy Resort is the most interesting resort in Battambang. Every year have many people go to visit at there. there are many people that lived in other Province comes to visit at Kamping Puoy resort. at there have a lot of place for rent to the people who need the place for have lunch, drink some drinks, sitting for play card with their family, and sit around with their family. At there have an interesting landscape and have a mountain at there too. those mountain's name is Ta Kream Mountain. At there have a big place for tourism easy to take their transportation in the park that have a lot of security control at there.
             Sampov Mountain is the highest Mountain in Battambang every year also have a lot of people go to visit at there too. there are have a lot of cave for people go to visit at there. there cave are: Windy cave ,  Bone cave , Prepare Body cave , La ang Phkar Slar Cave and have other cave for people come to visit.

            In Battambang have a lot of ministry for reserve all of people lived in there. Finally i want to tell you, you should come to visit at Battambang Province.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

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